How is dental professional hygienic cleaning of teeth going in Kiev?

23.11.2021 17

To ensure the health of the oral cavity, it is recommended to do a professional teeth cleaning once every six months.

Conventionally, this process consists of the following stages:

✔ detection of the size of the treatment area and the nature of dental plaque using the dental plaque indicator . The indicator shows the presence of different types of dental deposits, painting problem areas in different colors, depending on the degree of complication.

✔ Removal of soft dental plaque using Air Flow teeth brushing – this is air pressure with the addition of water and powder – a special medical soda.

✔ Removal of hard dental plaque using brushing your teeth with ultrasound – this is an ultrasonic vibration of a special rod at the required frequency to remove hard dental plaque.

✔ Polishing teeth and fillings using various dental attachments (polishing rubber heads, discs) to eliminate surface roughness that contributes to the accumulation of plaque and food debris.

✔ installation, if necessary, of a medical dressing on the gums, which prevents bleeding and the spread of bacteria.

✔ Treatment of the tooth surface with minerals teeth fluorization “is the saturation of tooth enamel with vitamins and microelements to strengthen its structure and reduce the risk of caries by 80%. The duration of action of protective solutions is from 3 to 6 months.

Our work

Price, UAH
Consultation (included in the cost of treatment)
Office whitening with the BEYOND Polus system
Removal of supra-syllable dental plaque automatically (scaling)
AirFlow cleaning (2 jaws)

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