Teeth whitening with the Beyond Polus system

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Most patients often confuse office teeth whitening with professional oral cleaning.

In reality, professional cleaning is the mechanical removal of calculus and hard or soft plaque from the surface of the teeth, which can make the teeth somewhat lighter. The degree of lightening depends on the amount and degree of plaque.

As for whitening, this is a procedure of chemical discoloration of the stained areas inside the tooth tissue, namely, the pigment in the dentin, which is painless and completely harmless.

There are 2 most popular certified whitening systems in Ukraine: Beyond and Zoom . Both techniques developed in the USA are based on , lies the LightBridge technology – a unique method of teeth whitening using an active substance in the internal tissues of the tooth under the influence of a powerful beam of halogen light, which acts as an accelerator of the process.

So, office teeth whitening Beyond Polus is a professional gentle procedure that takes place in the dentist’s office under his full control, as a result of which a guaranteed chemical lightening of the patient’s teeth with an active substance in the shade range from 3 to 12.

A special gel acts as an active whitening substance, the composition of which contains hydrogen peroxide of a certain concentration, which improves the result and prevents the appearance of enamel sensitivity with the oxidation of polyphenols and other pigments deep inside the tooth structure.

The direct procedure for teeth whitening Beyond is to catalyze the effect of the whitening gel on the dentin pigment with cold bluish rays emanating from a halogen lamp without an incandescent filament. The rays are a stream of 12,000 optical fibers, which, by filtration through 2 lenses, are converted at the exit into a microscopic beam of uniform waves 480-520 nanometers long, activating the gel previously applied to the enamel surface and promoting the penetration of atomic oxygen into the tooth. The active substance penetrates the enamel, oxidizes and changes the pigmentation in the dentinal tubules until the appearance of a white color, translucent through the translucent enamel.

While traditional whitening systems use filament lamps that can heat the enamel and even burn soft tissues in the mouth, teeth whitening Beyond < strong> Polus has an undoubted advantage – cold radiation excludes such consequences.

As for the shortcomings, there are not so many of them, of which the most significant: the procedure is not suitable for people with increased sensitivity of enamel and is unable to whiten artificial structures in the mouth to the same extent as healthy teeth.

It should be noted that the whitening gel is absolutely safe for the structure of the teeth, as it affects exclusively the shade of dentin pigmentation, while the dentist protects the soft tissues in the patient’s mouth with a special gel, which thickens under the light of the lamp, becoming rubbery.

Naturally, before the whitening procedure, the doctor conducts a comprehensive examination of the patient’s oral cavity and the state of his body as a whole in order to identify contraindications and avoid negative consequences.

In particular, the following factors act as contraindications to office teeth whitening Beyond Polus :

  1. Age (does not apply to children and adolescents under the age of 16).
  2. Pregnancy and lactation.
  3. Smoking abuse.
  4. Oncological diseases and diseases of the endocrine system.
  5. Increased sensitivity of the enamel.
  6. Increased susceptibility to components of the active substance, etc.

According to the results of the examination, the dentist necessarily conducts sanitation of the patient’s oral cavity: he performs professional cleaning of teeth (removes stones and soft or hard plaque), removes caries and determines the optimal shade using the Vita scale (a scale containing all shades of human teeth).

One of the advantages of professional teeth cleaning is the likelihood of refusal from further whitening, since after brushing, depending on the depth and composition of the plaque, the teeth can be lightened by several shades, which can already satisfy the patient at this stage.

In addition to cleaning, a few weeks before the Beyond Teeth Whitening procedure, the dentist will prescribe remineralizing therapy to strengthen the enamel, making it resistant to acidic environment, and to avoid sensitivity increase and provocation of erosion.

The teeth whitening Beyond Polus procedure takes 60-90 minutes and consists of the following dental procedures:

  1. Installing a cheek retractor and safety glasses.
  2. Applying a special protective gel between the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth, which will become rubbery after curing with a lamp, protecting the gums from the effects of the whitening agent.
  3. Applying the whitening gel with the original Beyond syringe to the surface of each tooth in the upper and lower jaws.
  4. Curing the whitening gel with the Beyond accelerator lamp for 4 cycles, 10-20 minutes each.
  5. Removal of the whitening and protective gels from the mouth, after which the patient will be able to see a new color of their own teeth, significantly different from the usual one.

For several hours (24), there may be some discomfort in the oral cavity, which will soon disappear.

The achieved result of teeth whitening Beyond lasts from 1 to 2 years with strict adherence to personal hygiene and diet.

So, within 48 hours after the procedure, the patient should completely stop eating foods and drinks containing dyes – switch to a white diet , i.e. eat exclusively light foods. In addition, it is necessary to avoid sudden temperature changes in the diet.

In the future, a small use of such products is allowed, but only subject to careful hygiene: brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, and also after each single meal.

With regard to personal hygiene, increased requirements also arise: it is necessary to brush your teeth with special brushes, brushes, floss and an irrigator.

It is worth remembering that the procedure of the teeth whitening Beyond Polus system is absolutely harmless and painless, since it includes only certified components: gels, lamps, etc. p, while some analogs (for example, Chinese ones) are capable of causing harm (heat the enamel, irritate the mucous membranes, cause burns).

With the Beyond Polus office teeth whitening procedure at Dental center LIPINSKII , every patient is able to restore their whiteness and attractiveness to their smile.

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