How long should braces be worn?

23.11.2021 17

The question of how long to wear braces worries every patient starting orthodontic treatment. Professional dentists will never tell you the exact date, since the duration of wearing a bracket system is influenced by numerous factors: age, the complexity of a particular case, the system and manufacturer used, the accuracy of the installation, hygiene and the desired result.

On average, in adults this period takes 18-36 months, and in adolescents at a comparative age of 12-25 years with similar pathologies, the procedure is longer during the period of bite change. The difference in the duration of wearing braces is explained by a slowdown in metabolic processes by the age of 30, which leads to more complex regeneration of bone and connective tissues in the oral cavity.

In adolescents, the bone tissue is more flexible and reacts faster to the mechanical pressure of the structure in the place where the teeth move, becoming denser in their original position, while in adults the response to the displacement of the dentition slows down by half.

Thus, orthodontic treatment with braces is most effective and fast at a young age, but the correct and correct treatment strategy allows you to achieve corresponding success in the correction of occlusion in adults.

The orthodontist will give exact information on how much to wear braces only after a comprehensive examination of the patient, assessment of factors and selection of a suitable treatment plan.

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