Complications of caries: pulpitis and periodontitis

20.11.2021 15

Caries in primary teeth is a serious problem that requires immediate attention from parents and dentists. Unfortunately, parents do not always pay attention to diseases of milk teeth. They believe that the problem will be solved by itself, as soon as permanent teeth appear instead of temporary teeth. In fact, baby teeth need competent treatment, and ignoring the problem causes serious complications. Dental caries is a pathological condition characterized by softening of enamel and dentin. This process leads to the appearance of holes and cavities in the tooth enamel.

How exactly does caries develop?

There are 4 main stages of caries development, each of them has its own characteristics and nuances. Here they are:

  1. Carious spot. It forms when the enamel begins to lose its natural shine and takes on a matte finish. There are two types of spots – pigmented and white. Pigmented spots come in a variety of colors ranging from light brown to black. Whites have a lighter shade. Both types of stains have a smooth surface and the enamel does not react to temperature.
  2. Superficial caries. It is formed in the place where the spots were before. The enamel becomes softer and rougher. There is a short-term painful reaction to sour, sweet or salty.
  3. Medium caries. The integrity of the enamel-dentinal junction is impaired. The first small cavities appear.
  4. Deep caries. At this stage, the tooth is actively destroyed. Acute pain appears, a negative reaction to temperature. Carious cavities become deeper, often with sharp edges of the enamel, which is destroyed.

The main causes of caries are considered heredity and unhealthy diet. If the problem is not eliminated in time, then the first complications appear. First of all, inflammation of the internal tissues of the tooth begins. It is also called pulpitis.

It’s easy enough to recognize the problem. Pulpitis is found due to inflammation of the gums and sometimes the cheeks. The mucous membrane around the tooth acquires a characteristic shade. Purulent discharge appears. If you press on the tooth, then there is an acute pain.

Another common problem is inflammation of the tissues around the tooth. This disease is called periodontitis. Symptoms are similar to the previous ones. If you do not go to the dentist in time, the disease provokes caries of a permanent tooth.

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