At what age is it better to install braces?

23.11.2021 17

There is no clear age limit for installing a braces. Depending on the physiology, specifics and speed of teething, dentists recommend resorting to this procedure during a changeable bite, after the milk teeth in children have completely changed and the period of active formation of the dentition has begun (at the age of 10 to 14 years).

In some cases, braces can be placed at an earlier age, but this procedure should only be performed at the moment when the child’s molars have erupted and formed, and also when the teeth are long enough to install the system.

When installing a bracket system at an early age, a number of advantages are achieved:

  • Natural teeth are preserved.
  • Eliminates the likelihood of lifelong wearing of a fixed retainer.
  • With a changeable bite, the dentition gets the correct direction of growth.

Thus, the greatest effect of the bracket system is during the period of active growth of permanent teeth.

But this, in turn, does not exclude installation in adults with formed bite and dentition. At this age, patients are aware of the undeniable benefits that braces provide: an even dentition, a beautiful smile and emotional harmony.

The following are distinguished as disadvantages: the likelihood of a longer period of wearing the bracket system, the need to observe special hygiene, mandatory professional cleaning before installation and every 3-4 months.

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