Do braces remain after completing orthodontic treatment?

04.12.2021 18

After removing the braces , particles of anchorage material may remain on the teeth, which the orthodontist will remove directly during the session.

However, approximately 10% of patients may have a different shade of enamel at the place of attachment of braces relative to other areas of the tooth. This circumstance is not particularly critical, since it is corrected by modern bleaching procedures.

The main reason for the appearance of marks after the completion of orthodontological treatment is non-observance of the appropriate hygiene rules in a proper way, since often a foreign structure creates obstacles to high-quality daily dental care.

To prevent the appearance of marks after removing the braces , patients are advised to:

  • brush your teeth at least 3 times a day using a brush and brushes;
  • brush your teeth after every meal, be it candy or fruits / vegetables;
  • undergo regular professional cleaning at the dental clinic at least once every 3-4 months.

It should be remembered that the treatment and wearing of braces is not only the responsibility of the doctor, but the patient himself.

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