Are there any contraindications to treatment with a braces system?

04.12.2021 15

Contraindications to treatment with a brace system are problems of the body or the oral cavity, in the presence of which installation is impossible at all or in a certain period until the situation is corrected.

The main contraindications for installing braces :

  1. The absence of a significant number of teeth, which does not allow anchoring the orthodontic structure.
  2. Acute mental illness that can lead to self-harm when removing braces on your own.
  3. Diseases of the endocrine and immune systems, oncology and blood diseases.
  4. Diseases of bone tissue.
  5. Periodontitis and periodontal disease, characterized by acute inflammation of the gums.
  6. Inadequate oral hygiene.
  7. Allergic reactions.
  8. Bruxism – grinding and abrasion of teeth, manifested mainly in sleep after 35 years.
  9. Temporomandibular joint disease.
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