I had braces when I was a kid and I hated them. What changed?

02.12.2021 18

A beautiful smile and even healthy teeth are not only a gift from genetics, but also the result of the work of an orthodontist. And if some 10 years ago dentists used metal braces to correct the bite of patients, today braces have rapidly changed both the attitude towards themselves and those who wear them, thanks to the effectiveness and aesthetics of materials used in their manufacture.

Today, depending on the material of manufacture, there are 3 main types of braces:

  1. metal;
  2. ceramic;
  3. sapphire.

Metal braces are still made from medical grade steel and titanium-nickel alloy, but they are much less visible than in the past and are still inexpensive. Most of the patients who had these braces as children hated them because of the visual discomfort.

Ceramic braces , although they cost a little more than metal braces, they achieve the same result – bite correction, with undoubted advantages: they are suitable for people with enamel sensitivity and are hardly noticeable.

Sapphire braces is the most expensive orthopedic system, slightly inferior to metal, but superior to ceramic. In addition, they do not change color, are invisible on the teeth and have a minimal effect on diction.

According to the method of attachment, modern braces are subdivided into vestibular (attached to the visible side of the teeth, like the classic metal braces) and lingual (attached to the inner side of the teeth).

Price, UAH
Metal braces, 3M brand, USA manufacturer (1 jaw)
Ceramic bracket system, 3M USA (1 jaw)
Orthodontic plates

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