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Oral care is the simplest and most affordable way for everyone to prevent dental health, which allows you to avoid a number of various dangerous diseases, such as caries, periodontitis and others. That is why the service of professional cleaning of teeth AirFlow is popular among Ukrainians. This method allows you to get rid of bad breath, as well as avoid the development of various diseases.

What does Air Flow teeth brushing mean?

Air Flow is a professional cleaning of teeth with ultrasound , that is, a hygienic procedure that a dentist prescribes for a patient in case of plaque on the teeth. In addition, the procedure is based on bad breath, bleeding gums or general discomfort in the mouth. If you find all three signs, it is worth contacting your dentist for advice. According to dentists, every adult should undergo a tartar removal procedure every year in order to prevent the development of certain diseases.

The essence of the process is that a mixture of water, air and food special salt acts on the surface of the teeth under high pressure. Solid particles are spherical. Thanks to this, the dentist will not only clean the teeth, but also polish them. If you’ve placed veneers or crowns before, don’t worry. Air Flow will clean them of dirt without any problems without damaging the enamel.

Why is it important to regularly brush your teeth at the dentist?

Regular hygiene procedures at home in front of a mirror are not a guarantee of good results. Plaque accumulates over the entire surface of the teeth and can not be removed from everywhere with a toothbrush or floss. Soft plaque gradually accumulates in hard-to-reach places, gets stronger and turns into stone, which is difficult to remove at home. Tartar is a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria that cause inflammation in the oral cavity.

Over time, other problems appear: infections, unpleasant odors, diseases of the teeth and gums. If you don’t see a doctor in time, your teeth and gums begin to crumble. Thanks to hygienic cleaning of teeth, all problems are eliminated and do not even have time to manifest themselves.

What you need to know about professional dental cleaning?

It is generally accepted that Air Flow brushing is a novelty in the field of dentistry. In fact, the first such procedure appeared in the 19th century. Dentists taught nurses how to remove calculus and polish teeth. Already in 1913, the first dental hygienist training program was introduced in the US state of Connecticut. In the Soviet Union, professional teeth cleaning practically did not exist. And only in the mid-90s, Ukrainians learned about most of the dental procedures that have long been widely used in developed countries.

Why is professional dental cleaning really effective?

There is an opinion among patients that professional dental cleaning is a marketing myth, and plaque and calculus can be removed at home using conventional oral care products. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and here’s why:

  1. To clean your teeth, the dentist uses special tools, due to which the result will be of high quality, and the process will be effective. In addition, the use of special tools will eliminate injuries, as well as protect against cracks in the tooth enamel.
  2. Before cleaning, the dentist will thoroughly examine the oral cavity, determine the condition of the teeth, gums, mucous membranes, skin and identify pre-existing diseases, even if they have not yet manifested themselves as tangible symptoms.
  3. The doctor will remove plaque not only from the visible part of the teeth, but also pay attention to the gums and the space under them, and also carefully polish the surface of the teeth. This prevention will avoid many problems in the future.

In addition, the dentist will make sure that brushing your teeth is as painless and comfortable as possible for the patient.

What are the steps involved in brushing your teeth?

The procedure includes several sequential stages. At each of them, the doctor identifies problem areas and works with them. Typically, the procedure consists of:

  1. Definitions of gum health.
  2. Removal of tartar.
  3. Remove traces of coffee, tobacco, etc.
  4. Cleaning the gaps between teeth.
  5. Tooth enamel polishing.

On average, the duration of the procedure is approximately 30-60 minutes, depending on each specific case (depending on the state of the oral cavity).

Recommendations for clients: before, during and after brushing your teeth

Before starting to brushing your teeth, you need to get rid of all inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. Before the procedure, petroleum jelly is applied to the lips so that the skin is not dry and does not start to crack. Then an apparatus for suction of saliva is placed in the oral cavity. In a circular motion, the dentist cleans the teeth, avoiding the impact on the adjacent soft tissue. The used mixture is removed with a dental vacuum cleaner. For some time after the procedure, it is not recommended to eat foods that can change the color of the tooth enamel. For example, this group includes some berries and fruits.

It must be remembered that professional cleaning is not one hundred percent protection of your teeth. Teeth need daily care. Therefore, it is necessary to clean them every day at least twice a day. Also pay attention to the spaces between your teeth using dental floss, special interdental brushes, and dental irrigators to prevent tooth decay. Doctors also advise mouth rinses after brushing your teeth.

You can get more information at your dentist appointment. Your dentist will assess the condition of your teeth and advise on oral care.

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