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White smile is the hallmark of successful and healthy people. You don’t have to be born with a light shade of tooth enamel for a perfect smile. To achieve this, it is enough to visit a dentist and whiten the dentition.

The doctor will offer different bleaching options, among which the Beyond office teeth whitening is considered one of the most popular. We will tell you about this type of teeth whitening today.

Features of the teeth whitening system

To whiten teeth with Beyond Polus office teeth whitening technology, the dentist uses a special gel. It contains hydrogen peroxide and various chemicals that enhance the effect and at the same time protect tooth enamel from possible damage.

The gel gets into the deep layers of the enamel, makes the teeth brighter, eliminates age spots. To activate the action of the gel, the dentist uses a special blue light lamp.

The procedure is completely safe both for the teeth themselves and for the whole organism. Therefore, it is often advised for patients with problem teeth.

In order for the effect to last as long as possible, it is not advisable to consume colored foods: tea, coffee, wine and other foods for some time after the procedure. Therefore, you have the opportunity to make teeth whiter by almost ten shades.

How the Beyond Polus Office Teeth Whitening Procedure Works

The procedure consists of several successive stages and begins with an examination by the dentist. He will determine the general condition of the teeth and oral cavity, the presence of diseases, deficiencies and contraindications. In addition, the dentist determines how much to really lighten the teeth, and what kind of whitening is suitable in a particular case. If the dentist uses the technology of teeth whitening Beyond Polus Kiev (Obolon, Vinogradar, Podol), then:

The patient puts on glasses to protect his vision from the rays, covers the skin of the face and neck with a napkin. A special balm is applied to the lips so that the skin on them does not dry out due to the lamp. To protect the mucous membrane from radiation. The dentist will install a so-called retractor, a device that helps the patient keep their mouth open for extended periods of time.

Then a special “Beyond” protective gel is applied to the gums around the teeth, which isolates the gums and protects them during whitening.

The dentist covers the teeth with a special gel from a separate Beyond syringe. It should cover the surface of each tooth.

Teeth whitening consists of 3-4 cycles. Each cycle lasts 10-15 minutes. After each stage, the gel is removed from the teeth, which are exposed to ultraviolet radiation, and each time a new layer of gel is applied. To activate its action, use a special lamp. After completing the procedure, the dentist must remove all excess preparations, gel, etc.

Teeth whitening Beyond Polus before and after photos

As a rule, the whitening result is noticeable immediately after the procedure. It is important to know that for several weeks after the completion of the procedure, the tone may change in one direction or another.

The end result depends on the specific case, as well as the structure and characteristics of the tooth enamel, care for their surface and the need for additional manipulations. The dentist will tell you how to care for your oral cavity and what food you need to give up for a while. This will make the effect last longer.

Some doctors advise using trays with gel at home after completing the Beyond teeth whitening procedure (Vinogradar, Obolon). This care product will enhance the whitening effect and brighten your teeth. You should also be aware that the Beyond Method works only on living dentin cells and enamel, not on artificial materials.

If any structures are installed in the mouth, they must be replaced with others that are more matching in color to the shade that you received after whitening the enamel of your teeth.

How does teeth whitening technology work?

To clean the teeth, the doctor uses a device designed exclusively for the Beyond Polus office teeth whitening technology. It emits blue light. Its waves reach the surface of the teeth.

Due to the fact that the light emitting lamp has many filters, the doctor receives safe light, without ultraviolet radiation or other radiation. Consequently, the patient receives cold teeth whitening. The procedure does not cause pain and is safe for humans.

The gel works through exposure to blue light. It gently affects the tooth enamel, makes it lighter and stronger. The duration of the entire procedure is about an hour. But the result will be noticeable for several years.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Kiev Beyond Polus teeth whitening system

The Beyond teeth whitening method is popular due to the fact that it differs significantly from other teeth whitening technologies. They say in his favor: the thoughtfulness of the process, protection of teeth and enamel, safety for the body. In addition, the method has practically no negative characteristics.
ADVANTAGES of the Beyond Polus whitening system are:

It is one of the most important characteristics. Especially in comparison with any other types of enamel whitening.

The tooth is not destroyed by any factors. It is not affected by ultraviolet light and other harmful radiation. The light that acts on the enamel surface has a temperature of no more than 37.6-38 degrees (thanks to the special technology Beyond Polus ). Consequently, the teeth are not overheated or decayed.

You get perfectly white teeth in one session. The procedure can be repeated regularly (if necessary after 6 months).

The gel is based on beneficial ingredients. It does not increase sensitivity and is therefore suitable for everyone. The technique is effective even in the most difficult situations. for example, if the patient has pigmentation or fluorosis.

During the teeth whitening procedure, the patient does not feel pain. In some cases, there may be minor discomfort.

As for the disadvantages of teeth whitening , they are not so critical. At least there are significantly fewer of them than other procedures:

– in particular, the disadvantages include the rather high cost of teeth whitening Beyond Polus and some relative contraindications to whitening;
– sometimes patients feel discomfort during whitening, it is uncomfortable for them to keep their mouth open for an hour.

Among the relative contraindications to the procedure are:
– deep caries;
– allergy to chemical composition, high sensitivity of tooth enamel;
– pregnancy or breastfeeding;
– age up to 18 years (children’s enamel is still being formed) and so on.

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