Is it possible to do sports after installing braces?

04.12.2021 17

Living during orthodontic treatment brings some inconveniences associated not only with a change in diet. After installing braces , you need to exercise more carefully.

And although sports training is not contraindicated during this period, patients engaged in traumatic sports should use a special mouthpiece recommended by the attending physician.

There are 2 types of caps:

  1. Standard – suitable for all sports where there are no direct blows to the jaw, except martial arts, basketball, etc.
  2. Customized – made from the patient’s jaws or digitally in a dental laboratory.

In the event of an emergency during sports, you should immediately check your mouth and braces bracket system for damage and consult a dentist.

Price, UAH
Metal braces, 3M brand, USA manufacturer (1 jaw)
Ceramic bracket system, 3M USA (1 jaw)
Orthodontic plates

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