Does the feeling change while wearing braces?

04.12.2021 17

Installing a bracket system is associated with some discomfort, but most often patients notice the appearance of pain.

Such a situation is an absolutely natural phenomenon, since there is an addiction to the presence of a foreign structure in the mouth, which puts some pressure on the teeth, giving them the correct direction when moving.

Conventionally, wearing a bracket system can be divided into 3 stages:

  1. Installation and getting used to. During this period, braces can chafe the soft tissues of the mouth (lips, tongue, etc.).
  2. Displacement of the dentition, during which the teeth ache and loose.
  3. The final stage, during which the bite is straightened and the teeth no longer move, but the result is to be preserved – to fix the teeth in such a position so that the tissues in the hole after microtrauma are renewed and engrafted.

The duration and intensity of pain depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. Most of the discomfort and minor pain are felt in the first few weeks.

To eliminate the possible unpleasant consequences of installing braces , the orthodontist prescribes special pain relievers and gels that minimize pain and help to quickly adapt to the orthopedic design.

In case of damage to the mucous membrane and the formation of a wound, it is necessary to apply healing drugs. After a certain time after taking the medication, the discomfort disappears, and the teeth get used to the pressure of the braces .

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