Computer and wax modeling of teeth (veneers)

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The modern dentist has stopped relying on the eye gauge and auxiliary measuring devices. The archaic method was replaced by computer and wax veneer modeling, which took the production of ceramic restorations to a new level. Thanks to modeling and new technologies, the Lipinsky Dental Center guarantees 99.9% quality of work and materials. At a time convenient for you and in the shortest possible time.

What is computer and wax modeling, and why do you need it:

Computer modeling uses digital technologies of tooth modeling, which allow to create three-dimensional models of teeth taking into account the anatomical features of the patient: shape, size, level of the gums, etc. 3D model printed on a printer:

During wax modeling, all processes are performed by a technician manually. This is a time consuming and time consuming procedure. On gypsum models with the help of wax, the technician creates a new shape of the teeth, taking into account all the wishes of the patient. The manufactured models of teeth are plastered in an articulator, after which the technician analyzes the aesthetic wishes of the patient and the doctor, and begins wax modeling.

The process of modeling teeth, how long it takes this process in the technique

The process of modeling teeth takes 2-3 days. To make Wax-Up, the doctor removes the casts from the patient’s upper and lower jaws using a special silicone material.

At this stage, the usual closing is fixed, the registration of the facial arch is performed to establish the masticatory movements of the dental apparatus in the articulator.

Trying on future veneers before work

After demonstrating the wax modeling, the doctor removes the casts from the new teeth, just as he took the impressions from his patient’s teeth, and makes them a “silicone key“.

At this point, the patient’s teeth are cleaned of plaque with a preventive paste, but, importantly, are not dissected (not ground) and not damaged.

Mandatory condition before making permanent ceramic restorations – coordination and fitting of temporary restorations. For this purpose diagnostic models with use of wax or computer modeling are used.

At the end of the procedure, the dentist puts a special plastic in a silicone key and puts it on the patient’s teeth, then removes, removing excess material and polishing the temporary structures. Thus, temporary Mok-UP constructions appear in the mouth.

These procedures allow you to see accurate models of patients’ teeth and try on the shape, appearance and size of future veneers. You can see the future smile before you start.

What modeling teeth gives us and what we can see after modeling

Computer and wax modeling of teeth allows:

  • choose the color and shape of the veneers according to the patient’s wishes;
  • assess the performance of the prosthesis in advance (closure and occlusion);
  • Eliminate inaccuracies at an early stage;
  • reduce the period of getting used to permanent ceramic restorations;
  • Do not touch adjacent teeth when making orthopedic structures.

Lipinsky Dental Center provides all types of dental services, among which computer and wax modeling occupy one of the important functions, as they allow modeling to be as comfortable as possible for the patient in order to obtain a high aesthetic result.

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