What are the risks of teeth whitening

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Although Beyond Polus Office Teeth Whitening is completely harmless, there are still risks involved. In this regard, the majority of patients, even during a consultation with a doctor, are interested in how to whiten their teeth, in order to negate the possible negative consequences.

The most common risks of whitening are as follows:

1. * Enamel sensitivity.
In some patients, in the first hours after the procedure, discomfort or even severe pain in the oral cavity may form when eating cold and hot food, pressing and touching the teeth. Usually a similar situation occurs in connection with gum recession, deep cracks. But they disappear within 2 hours after bleaching.

2. * Gum irritation.
For several hours, pain in the gums can be observed, which is mainly due to the use of formulations containing a high concentration of the active ingredient – hydrogen peroxide. The situation can be corrected by the use of drugs with a low concentration of hydrogen.

3 . * Uneven whitening .
Beyond teeth whitening, like any other procedure, cannot lighten artificial structures in the mouth: fillings, crowns and porcelain veneers. Only with a competent approach and the correct calculation of the concentration of the active substance, the areas of the cosmetic restoration will not be noticeable to others.

Taking into account the listed disadvantages and depending on the individual physiological characteristics of the patient, after a preliminary examination, the dentist may recommend teeth whitening Megic Smile .

The essence of the technology is identical to the Beond procedure, except that carbomide peroxide is used as an active bleaching agent – one of the forms of hydrogen peroxide, in which the release of atomic oxygen occurs more smoothly and less aggressively than in the usual one.

However, the teeth whitening Megic Smile system has significant disadvantages of its own:

1. The whitening procedure takes a longer time – 1.5-2 hours.

2. The achieved effect lasts for a short period – from six months to 1 year.

3. During the procedure, Chinese-made lamps are used, which at the output form a less concentrated beam of light, which can result in heating and damage to the enamel.

4. Repeated negative feedback from patients.

It is worth noting that the Megic Smile whitening lamps have recently been certified in the USA. Perhaps, in the near future, better quality lamps of this system will enter the market, which will cope with most of the disadvantages indicated above.

Also, for patients with increased sensitivity of enamel or with a significantly dark shade, the Philips Zoom 4 teeth whitening procedure can be offered. , and the immediate result can last for 4 years with proper hygiene and diet, but at a significantly higher comparative cost.

Considering the listed whitening systems through the prism of price, quality and result, we can confidently say that today teeth whitening Beyond Polus is the most popular and an affordable procedure that has proven itself in the USA and Europe for 6 years as the best and most effective whitening system.

The high score and the guaranteed result are confirmed by certificates of passing control in the specialized departments of the ministries of health of the above countries, as well as by numerous positive reviews from patients and attending dentists.

To make teeth whitening as comfortable as possible, minimize risks and achieve a guaranteed result, we recommend contacting the specialists of our Lipinsky dental center. We will select the most optimal whitening system for you, depending on your preferences and capabilities.

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