How do I take care of my braces?

02.12.2021 15

To correct the bite and create the perfect smile in modern dentistry, braces are used, which require the same gentle care and hygiene as healthy teeth, but with a wider range of instruments: using brushes, toothbrushes, irrigators, etc. .d.

After installing braces , a standard toothbrush will not be useful soon, not only with a change in food intake, but also due to the fact that you will have to take care not only of your teeth, but also of braces < / strong>.

To do this, you will need several types of non-standard toothbrushes, which will more gently sweep food debris from under the arch of braces and the outer part of the locks.

In addition, you will need special brushes and threads with a rigid end (superfloss) to clean the gaps between the teeth, as well as an irrigator (a device with a nozzle from which a jet of water flows under pressure) to clean plaque and stimulate blood circulation in the gums. Every 3-4 months you will have to undergo a professional teeth cleaning – Air Flow.

On a case-by-case basis, your orthodontist may recommend a specific brushing regimen with braces depending on the type of system, manufacturer and level of hardness of brushes and brushes.

Price, UAH
Metal braces, 3M brand, USA manufacturer (1 jaw)
Ceramic bracket system, 3M USA (1 jaw)
Orthodontic plates

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