How are braces removed?

04.12.2021 69

Removing braces is an exciting and long-awaited moment for every patient, which is carried out exclusively by an orthodontist in a dental clinic in several stages:

  1. Removing the clasps: remove the archwire and braces with tweezers one at a time.
  2. Removing dental glue residues followed by grinding the tooth surface.
  3. Professional cleaning of teeth in places that were impossible to get to during the treatment, or to remove stains that are out of harmony with previously accessible areas.
  4. Fluoridation and / or calcination to strengthen the enamel.
  5. Discussion of the type of retainer (orthodontic appliance attached to the inner side of the teeth) or special aligners that will keep the result obtained and prevent the teeth from returning to their original position.
Price, UAH
Metal braces, 3M brand, USA manufacturer (1 jaw)
Ceramic bracket system, 3M USA (1 jaw)
Orthodontic plates

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