How to brush your teeth with braces?

04.12.2021 58

Installing braces changes not only the patient’s smile, but also the requirements for daily hygiene. Since the construction of a bracket system creates difficulties for brushing your teeth, this procedure should be carried out as often as possible, preferably after every meal, and sometimes after eating a single product.

In addition, cleaning should be carried out with special devices, as a result of which the patient for a long time forgets about using a classic toothbrush:

  • Brushes: V-shaped and single-beam. The V-shaped brush with a notch in the middle smoothly bends around the elements of the bracket system , cleaning the front, back and chewing parts of the teeth. Use a monobunched brush to brush your teeth near the gums, around braces and directly on the clasps.
  • Brushes, being an effective substitute for toothpicks, catch food residues with bristles and pull them out of hard-to-reach places.
  • Dental floss and superfloss (hard tip floss) help you clean up the spaces between your teeth.
  • An irrigator is a device that cleans in hard-to-reach places with a jet under a powerful pressure of water.

After installing braces , it is strictly forbidden to use regular toothpicks, chewing gum and home remedies for whitening.

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