Tooth plaque indicator

23.11.2021 19

A plaque indicator for dental plaque (dye) that brightens soft and hard plaque in the mouth. This medication allows you to visually see the areas to look out for while brushing your teeth. After applying the indicator, depending on the color it acquires, the stage of plaque aging is determined in order to apply the optimal cleaning option.

Benefits of using the Tooth Plaque Indicator:

✔ can be used both by a dentist and independently by a patient;
✔ allows you to improve the result of the procedure;
✔ can be used at any age;
✔ plaque indicators are absolutely harmless for both children and adults;
✔ Stains are easily removed from the surface of teeth and gums thanks to regular brushing with a toothbrush.

Disadvantages of using a dental plaque indicator:

– not recommended for patients with sapphire and ceramic braces, as well as transparent elastics;
– children under 6 years of age should only use such products under the supervision of an adult, who should make sure that the child does not swallow the tablet or the indication liquid.

Our work

Price, UAH
Consultation (included in the cost of treatment)
Office whitening with the BEYOND Polus system
Removal of supra-syllable dental plaque automatically. (scaling)
AirFlow cleaning (2 jaws)

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