First visit to the pediatric dentist. Important information for parents

20.11.2021 16

How to prepare a child depending on age

Tell your kid about going to the dentistry a couple of days before the scheduled visit, do not use negatively colored words and expressions. The phrases “do not be afraid”, “it will not hurt” or “you need to endure” can scare the baby, especially if he is already of a conscious age. Also, do not use scary words, for example, “drill”, “prick”, “remove” or “seal”.

If we are talking about a very small child, then say that together you will go to a good doctor who loves children and treats their teeth. Also explain to your baby what the doctor will do. The phrase “He will look at your teeth to see how they grow” is perfect. For example, mention family members or friends who also went to the dentist as a child. To make the child feel confident in the doctor’s office, invite him to play doctor, show in a playful way how exactly the appointment at the dentist takes place.

With an older child who already understands their dental problems, the situation is different. It is necessary to explain to him why dental health is important and how exactly the dentist helps. If the child is afraid of the dentist or someone in his presence managed to tell about their fears, give an example of a positive experience, your own, close friends or relatives. And most importantly, show that you are always ready to support your child, will be there for counseling and hold his hand.

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Photopolymer filling for milk teeth
Fluorization of teeth with gel (2 jaws)
Cleaning of H teeth "Air Flow" with the HANDY 3.0 apparatus (1 jaw)
Extraction of a milk tooth

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