Brushing teeth with braces

25.11.2021 17

Braces significantly complicate self-cleaning of teeth, therefore, more attention should be paid to oral hygiene in this case. The situation is aggravated by the fact that food residues accumulate under the structural elements of the braces, which are easy to overlook, and thereby leave a fertile environment for the development of pathogenic flora.

To combat the likely development of dental diseases, dentists recommend Air Flow hardware cleaning to such patients.

Benefits of brushing teeth with braces:

✔ prevention of caries and its complications;
✔ removal of plaque from hard-to-reach places;
✔ prevention of periodontal disease;
✔ possible in relation to deposits even in the most inaccessible places.


– takes longer than patients without braces;
– patients with a brace system should visit this procedure more often (once every 3 months);
– bleeding gums are likely.

Types of cleansing performed by:

  • Plaque indicator;
  • Air Flow Teeth Cleaning;
  • Polishing old fillings (to restore the gloss and glaze of the surface); *
  • Cleaning teeth with ultrasound (scaling); *
  • Treatment dressing *

* if necessary


– use of a plaque indicator in the presence of white, transparent elastics.
– the use of ultrasound to clean plaque / calculus around the bracket.
– the use of polishing heads may cause the brackets to come off.
– use of high-quality powders

* per consumer

Our work

Price, UAH
Consultation (included in the cost of treatment)
Office whitening with the BEYOND Polus system
Removal of supra-syllable dental plaque automatically. (scaling)
AirFlow cleaning (2 jaws)

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