Teeth cleaning with crowns

28.11.2021 15

The presence of orthopedic structures on the teeth implies the same scrupulous hygiene as with respect to the real ones. However, self-cleaning is in many ways inferior to hardware cleaning with ultrasound or the Air Flow system.

Professional removal of hard and soft dental plaque must be done twice a year in order to prevent disruption of the adhesion of the structures to the gum or destruction of the tooth under the crown.


✔ increases the service life of the orthopedic structure;
✔ prevents tooth decay under the structure;
✔ prevention of periodontitis;
✔ prevention of caries.


– a washout of the cement fixing the crown is likely;
– it is impossible to use ultrasound for ceramic structures (to prevent their destruction);
– the duration of the procedure is longer than in patients without crowns;
– bleeding gums are likely.

Types of cleansing performed by:

  • Plaque indicator;
  • Air Flow Teeth Cleaning;
  • Polishing old fillings (to restore the gloss and smoothness of the surface); *
  • Cleaning teeth with ultrasound (scaling); *
  • Medical bandage *
    * if necessary


– cleaning of subgingival, supragingival overlays in the area of ​​the tooth covered with a crown using ultrasound
– use of highly abrasive powders
– if necessary.

Our work

Price, UAH
Consultation (included in the cost of treatment)
Office whitening with the BEYOND Polus system
Removal of supra-syllable dental plaque automatically (scaling)
AirFlow cleaning (2 jaws)

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