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23.11.2021 23

Air Flow teeth cleaning is used to remove soft dental plaque with a special mixture under the influence of compressed air.

Under pressure, an air jet, mixing with particles of sodium bicarbonate (soda) with a glycine-based powder with a particle size of 14 to 65 microns and water, is directed to the tooth to clean it even in the most inaccessible places, knocking down deposits with particles of the mixture and washing away the exfoliated plaque …


✔ painless and pleasant cleaning with different bites for patients;
✔ there is no chemical effect – the procedure is carried out with a natural substance (soda) that does not cause allergic reactions;
✔ is an effective prevention of caries;

– contraindicated in patients with viral diseases, multiple caries, asthma attacks, epilepsy, etc.
– does not cope with the presence of a large volume of old dental coatings.

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Price, UAH
Consultation (included in the cost of treatment)
Office whitening with the BEYOND Polus system
Removal of supra-syllable dental plaque automatically. (scaling)
AirFlow cleaning (2 jaws)

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