Is there an alternative to braces?

23.11.2021 18

Bracket system is an orthodontic structure used to correct the position of teeth and bite patients. Unfortunately, there are not many alternatives to metal braces. However, today in dentistry the installation of liners (caps Invisalign) and ceramic veneers is becoming increasingly popular.

Eyeliners are translucent caps made of plastic or silicone, almost invisible due to the identity in color and shade of native teeth.

If the patient refuses any kind of construction, dentists recommend installing ceramic veneers – ultra-thin ceramic plates, which are attached to the outer surface of the curved teeth.

Bracket systems and perform many functions and have many advantages:

  • Accuracy. The end result can be predicted before treatment.
  • Comfort and high aesthetics. Caps and ceramic veneers are almost indistinguishable when communicating.
  • Fast effect. On average, treatment with Invisalign caps lasts from 10 to 24 months, and ceramic veneers last at least 20 years without changing color and texture (provided proper hygiene).
  • Ease of care. Caps are easily cleaned of dirt.
  • Quality. The material from which the caps and veneers are made does not irritate the oral mucosa and guarantees quick habituation.

Installation of caps or ceramic veneers has almost no disadvantages, or they are insignificant. However, it is worth noting the high cost, compared to metal braces.

Price, UAH
Bracket system metal, 3M brand, the producer of the USA (1 jaw)
The bracket system is ceramic, 3M the USA (1 jaw)
Orthodontic plates

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