Can braces be used during pregnancy?

04.12.2021 57

Installing and wearing braces during pregnancy is not recommended, since at this stage women experience serious changes in the hormonal background, the composition and quality of the enamel changes (it becomes thin and fragile).

In addition, at the stage of orthodontic diagnostics, X-ray examinations are required, which can adversely affect the health of expectant mothers.

If pregnancy occurs during the treatment of a malocclusion, several rules should be followed:

  • Take good care of your oral hygiene.
  • Undergo regular preventive cleaning and monitoring of dynamics.

Among the advantages of wearing braces during pregnancy, it should be noted that the movement of teeth during this period is much faster.

Price, UAH
Metal braces, 3M brand, USA manufacturer (1 jaw)
Ceramic bracket system, 3M USA (1 jaw)
Orthodontic plates

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