Why do you need to treat baby teeth? 6 good reasons

22.11.2021 16

“Why treat baby teeth? They will fall out anyway! ”.

This is how many parents think. In fact, deciduous teeth need treatment in the same way as molars or permanent ones.

Reasons to treat baby’s milk teeth

  1. Milk teeth are an important link in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Due to illness, it is difficult to chew solid food, and sometimes it is impossible, so a baby with sick teeth will swallow food in pieces. This can lead to stomach problems in the child.
  2. Formation of speech is also impossible without the participation of milk teeth and correct bite. Communication skills remain with the child for life. They are difficult to adjust, so it is better to lay a reliable and long-term foundation in advance. For example, among babies, the so-called bottle caries is widespread. To get rid of it, parents resort to extreme measures, namely the removal of the upper anterior incisors and canines. Such removal becomes the reason for the formation of lisp in the child.
  3. Milk teeth are involved in shaping the jaw and stimulating bone growth. If one of the deciduous teeth is removed too early, the rest will also be displaced from the previous place. Because of this, there is less space on the jaw than is necessary for normal development. Permanent teeth also change their location, which leads to the formation of an incorrect bite.
  4. Inflammatory processes harm not only the gums, but also the embryo of a permanent tooth.
  5. Problems with milk teeth lead to the appearance of caries, which in turn is complicated by other diseases. For example, due to pulpitis, a cyst may appear in the root zone.
  6. Poor dental health negatively affects self-esteem and forms complexes in a small child. He will cope with most of them only in adulthood, having turned to a specialist. A beautiful smile, white teeth and fresh breath will make your child feel confident among their peers.

That is why it is so important to monitor your oral health and see your dentist on time. If your child is having problems or need a preliminary consultation, please contact us. We will answer any questions and help with solving problems so that the treatment process is as comfortable as possible for your baby.

Our work

Price, UAH
Photopolymer filling for milk teeth
Fluorization of teeth with gel (2 jaws)
Cleaning of H teeth "Air Flow" with the HANDY 3.0 apparatus (1 jaw)
Extraction of a milk tooth

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